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About Us

Ever since I was a child, I was enchanted by this instinctive need to create. To make things. To concept, design, and craft something special.

For years, I molded my creative path with several milestones:
A Bachelor’s in Interior Architecture, a solid foundation in art and dance, and finally, for that unforgettable sparkle, a certification from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).


It was never just one source of inspiration, but a handful of magical moments and precious people that nourished that passion within.

When I close my eyes, I think of my mother, a bohemian artist feeding me a whirlwind of creativity. When I think of business, I see my father, teaching me the true value of entrepreneurship.

The rest flows in waves, such as my grandmother’s ever-curious drawer of trinkets and fairy dust.

Needless to say, my work process is as detailed as the inspiration behind it. After a few initial sketches,I personally collaborate with a team of highly skilled jewelers to perfect the idea, finesse the design,and come out with a treasure you can hold dear forever.

My collections reflect my world; my custom pieces, yours. With an intertwined goal of keeping our stories alive for generations to come.

This long and rewarding road eventually led me to where I am today: A proud entrepreneur in the whimsical world of jewelry. Dedicated to stories other than my own.

With love,
Donna Hourani

The Brand

Our story is telling yours.

We all have stories to share. Big or small, they each have their own unique place in our lives. Blossoming and fleeting, we believe that your stories deserve a more permanent home.

Through thoughtful designs and carefully selected components, we’re here to help set your story in stone. To have and to hold in a piece worthy of you or your loved one.

An heirloom destined for generations thereafter.

All our pieces, both customized and existing, are crafted by sustainable means, using only the highest-quality, natural precious, and semi-precious gemstones with 18 karat gold; all hand-picked from ethical sources by the heart of our brand, Donna Hourani herself.

She is there from the start of every process, right to the shimmering end.

At Donna Hourani Jewelry, we believe in crafted pieces that allow you to keep your stories forever.

A keepsake for life.

The Presentation

When it comes to presenting your piece, we make sure that everything, including the story behind it, is wrapped in the care it deserves.
Thoughtful touches from Donna, such as sketches and hints of dried flowers, ensure your experience is nothing short of whimsical. Right from the start.

Our packaging is made from high quality, recycled materials, designed to live up to heirloom standards. To be reused, regifted, and forever loved.

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