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Jaroor El Teta

Jaroor El Teta

Thoughtfully crafted to celebrate every hard-working woman, the Jaroor el Teta collection thrives from a humble place: A drawer. Not just any drawer; one that belongs to Donna Hourani’s grandmother, her ultimate inspiration for independence.

Designed in detail around memorable trinkets and treasures, each piece shines as a symbol of strength, desire, and compassion. A testament to the true woman and the value she holds. Yesterday, today, and forevermore.

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Lira lebnenyeh - bigLira lebnenyeh - big
Lira FalastinyehLira Falastinyeh
Sold Out
Paisa HindiyehPaisa Hindiyeh
Iswaret SittiIswaret Sitti
Hajar shak - CitrineHajar shak - Citrine
Kishtben - SapphireKishtben - Sapphire
Kishtben - TourmalineKishtben - Tourmaline
Daboos Shangal chokerDaboos Shangal choker
Coton tigeCoton tige
Daboos shaar kbeerDaboos shaar kbeer
Daboos shaar sghirDaboos shaar sghir
Zirr MkattabZirr Mkattab
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