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Tropical Rainforest

Tropical Rainforest

Made for the unbounded spirit, the Tropical Rainforest collection was born straight from the heart of nature - bursting with color, shapes, and life. 

It’s all about the rainforest’s untamed essence; organic forms marking our creations with a distinct, yet unstructured charm. Each piece is playful, boasting details that sparkle freely amongst animals, swing delicately on vibrant vines, and rest like dew drops in the morning mist.

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Leopard RingLeopard Ring
Love BirdsLove Birds
The ElephantsThe Elephants
The FrogThe Frog
The Jasmine chokerThe Jasmine choker
The LeavesThe Leaves
The Leopard NecklaceThe Leopard Necklace
The lizardThe lizard
The Mushroom EarringThe Mushroom Earring
The Mushroom ringThe Mushroom ring
The OrchidsThe Orchids
The Rose budThe Rose bud
The vine braceletThe vine bracelet
The Vine RingThe Vine Ring
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